Importance of coding and computer science education

Names of some important coding languages

Importance of coding It is true that in today’s time every person wants to keep their children up-to-date, be it studies or sports activities. Children love to play, but along with that they must learn skills that will be useful in future. We are talking about coding learning. It increases the logical thinking of children and develops communication skills. While learning coding, children are able to understand the special formula of each alphabet and new technology. put it in simple language. There is a lot of demand for computer programmers for advanced technology, so if children are taught coding, then they can make a career in it. Nowadays, anyone who knows coding can easily get a job in any software industry. If children are taught coding from the beginning, their experience increases and they start showing interest in the software industry. Moreover, coding is demanded for many government jobs.

If children know coding, they find math fun and creative. With the help of coding, children are able to understand how to apply math in real life and how easy it is. With the help of coding, children’s logic and calculation skills increase, making them able to solve math problems easily. The biggest advantage of learning coding is that children are able to remember data well and their memorization skills start increasing.

Names of some important coding languages

Well, there are many programming languages ​​available for coding. Some of the major programming languages ​​and their importance are as follows: –


C++ is a very powerful programming language and it is used in developing games and operating systems.


Java is the most simple and easy programming language. It is mostly used to create apps. Before Android apps became popular, almost all the apps were made in Java only.

HTML: Nowadays, most of the websites are created in HTML only. HTML contains small codes which together form a complete series. Anyone who knows basic HTML can create a website. Notepad or notepad++ software is used to write HTML coding.

CSS: CSS is used to customize the layout, design, color, fonts of the website. It is different from HTML, meaning it can be used with or separately from HTML.

PYTHON: It is different from HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. It is mostly used in data science.

Career options

Today the Internet is becoming so widespread all over the world that every institution has a computer and every person has a smart phone in their hands for which an app is necessary. In such a situation, in many big corporate institutions, there are many posts like Software Application Developer, Web Developer, Computer Systems Engineer, Database Administrator, Computer Systems Analyst, Software Quality Analyst Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Computer Programmer etc.

How much salary do you get?

The better you are at coding, the more salary you will get. Initially, you may not get much stipend during your internship, but this will be the time to learn professional tips and tricks. When you become an expert, you can earn even crores of rupees annually. Not only this, you will get a lot of work from outside, by doing which you can earn good income. In this post we told what coding is and how to do a coding course. We hope that you have got all the information. If you have any questions related to coding posts then please ask by commenting. We will answer it as soon as possible.

How to learn coding language?

Today there are many online and offline methods to learn coding language, with the help of which you can learn coding language and do coding. You can easily learn coding language from YouTube and coding websites like W3school, Javatpoints etc. To learn a coding language, it is very important for you to have basic knowledge of computers.

How does coding work??

Whenever the computer sees anything, such as Image, Video, Website, or any kind of software, it gives us our human language form, through which we can easily understand the working of the computer. But internally the computer works in the form of a code, which we call binary code, which runs only on the mathematical data of zero and one. Due to switching on and off (ON or OFF) of these millions and crores of transistors installed in the computer, all the calculations of binary codes are done, and we get to see things in the computer in different formats by using different programming languages. Benefits of regular Exercise


It is considered an essential skill in today’s world. Learning coding is like learning the alphabet of a tech-savvy world. This is a lifelong skill that will give you the vision to see the world through the eyes of innovation. By learning coding and programming, you can learn many technical things. This way you can make your future bright. We hope that you have learned something by reading this post of ours, please do let us know by commenting.


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